It’s Time To Talk About Lilac…

Let us just take a brief moment of our Friday night to appreciate the wonder of Lilac. This season, we are way past the point of a dab of lilac eyeshadow every now and then. A lilac statement skirt is a must have in your wardrobe, combine with light colours (pinks, whites and blues) and you will literally look like a spring masterpiece.

It’s not even just about clothes though. Lilac hair has been a ~thing~ for like what? Three years now? But if you’re a commitment-phobe and don’t want to plunge your head into the purple hair dye (not to mention the endless bottles of peroxide and deep conditioner that goes with it) then go for the less permanent lilac nail polish. Essie, O.P.I, Nails Inc and YSL all have shades of lilac from subtle, to borderline lairy, and they can transform a dull outfit.

Nails? Hair? Skirts? Whatever, get a bag. Leather of course, (lilac suede has a somewhat tacky feel to it) and chic. Don’t get one that is dripping with diamantes or gems, it’s not classy. Get a simple and effective leather bag, and let the colour speak for itself.

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