Is androgynous clothing the way forward?

Androgynous: Partly male and partly female in appearance; of indeterminate sex.

Since I was little, I have naturally gravitated towards clothes that would be considered slightly more “boyish” than “girly.” As a child, I would opt for a football top and shorts instead of a frilly dress. As I’ve gotten older, this habit has stuck with me and I am often (to their dismay) found rummaging through the wardrobes of my dad and my boyfriend, searching for a T-shirt or baggy jumper to wear. I have absolutely no problem shopping in the men’s section of a shop, because in my eyes it just isn’t the men’s section; clothes are clothes. This doesn’t even just apply to girls, how many skaters have shopped in the women’s jeans section trying to find the skinniest jeans possible?

Some companies have begun to release unisex collections and A-listers from Sofia Richie to the Olsen twins have made androgynous dressing a trend that is definitely here to stay. Often sporting masculine-style suits, the Olsen twins epitomise shabby-chic on their days off, and literally give me casual dressing goals in loose-fitting comfies. Sofia Richie, rebelling against traditional ideas of “feminine” dressing, shows how easy it is to take a piece that is designed for a menswear collection (like the Givenchy oversized Rotweiler print tee, below) and turn it into an enviable weekend outfit by simply wearing is as a T-shirt dress.

 East London born brand A.D.Y.N is spearheading the movement, crafting genderless basics that are perfect for any essentials collection. Longline and baggy pieces dominate their collection – easy to wear with jeans and court shoes for simple and effective dressing, the brand bridges the gap between high-street and high-end.

 So here’s hoping that more brand’s venture out into the big bad world of androgyny, because tbh, I need more baggy jumpers in my life.


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