It’s okay to break the law if you’re pretty

First Jeremy Meeks (you know, that hot convict guy that publicly cheated on his wife with Chloe Green,) then it was Natalia Sikorska – she got away with trying to nick £1000 worth of goods from Harrods, the judge let her off because she had “considerable talents” – now, it’s Mekhi Alante. A fresh face to the modelling scene, this felon has been convicted for theft, assault on a female and driving a stolen vehicle, among other crimes.

His mugshot, much like Meeks’, went viral and now he boasts a modelling career and fan following.

I’m straight up calling bullshit.


Photo credit: EOnline, The Telegraph, Mirror

I’m not trying to be a killjoy. Yes, these people are attractive, very modelesque. Yes, they have every right to a modelling contract. What I’m asking, is why is the celebrity universe sending the message that only beautiful people are exempt from the law?

It has been a part of celebrity culture since I can remember. The mugshots of Paris Hilton, Khloé Kardashian and Justin Bieber give us all throwbacks to the 2 hours they spent behind bars for crimes they committed. But thanks to the internet, and the freedom of information act, the mugshots of non-celebrity civilians are quickly going viral and leading to these random modelling contracts.

So, where do we draw the line? Would any of these “hot felons” be offered modelling contracts if they were behind bars for more serious offenses. Better yet, why wasn’t Sikorska reprimanded for what she did, as you or I would have been?

On the other hand, maybe these contracts are giving these convicts a shot at a new life. A fresh slate, if you will. Maybe a chance to turn their lives around and become role models. What do you think? Comment below.

One thought on “It’s okay to break the law if you’re pretty

  1. The hot-shot felons served their time and deserve any opportunity they get thereafter. It’s hard enough to stay out of jail once you’ve been in so hopefully they use the opportunity to help others. Something tells me Ms.Sikorska wouldn’t have fared so well if she had been a young man/woman of colour…. #notsurprised. It was her first offence, and I don’t think her life (or anyone else’s in the same position) should be ruined over it.

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