My go-to skincare heroes

Skincare is a tricky subject. I have spent years trying to figure out my skin type and what works with it to give it a healthy glow.

Now, comfortable with my every day products and confident in their ability to give me that dewy look I crave, I wanted to share with you all my skincare heroes! And a little bit about my routine.

FullSizeRender (1)

Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water – Pretty standard. I use this to take off my make-up every day. I find that the oil infused formula removes waterproof make-up way better and nourishes your skin a bit more than the oil-free one.

Eve Lom Hot Cloth Cleanser – I use this cleanser more or less every day. It’s a bit pricey but so worth it! The whole process of it is relaxing and my skin feels soooooo soft after. It gets rid of blemishes super quickly and reduced the size of my pores instantly.

Garnier Toner – I use this after I cleanse, just to make double sure that all of my make-up is off my skin and my pores are nice and closed. I have quite sensitive skin and this toner is super gentle.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5 – Perfect if you have dry skin (I get dry patches on my chinny chin chin) this stuff is perfect. Put a pipette-full on your face after the toner. It feels a bit sticky as it absorbs but it does the job nicely and is super cheap for what it is. Only £5.90! Mental.

The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors and Sukin Moisturiser – I mix these up day-to-day. Some days I’ll use Sukin but it takes a bit longer to absorb. The one from The Ordinary is a bit thicker so I try not to use this everyday. Both work equally well and are around the same price. The Sukin one is perfect if you have nail extensions because it has the little pump dispenser! Ideal.

Lush Fresh Face Mask – So this one is Love Lettuce and I got it to exfoliate my skin. It’s actually been discontinued now *sob* but I have tried Rosy Cheeks and that is great as well. They both smell amazing and just sitting in a face mask makes me feel all clean. AND to be fair, my face does majorly glow after.


The Body Shop Liquid Peel – This was recommended to me from someone at work and I am buzzing about it. Working in London, I feel like my skin gets polluted easily and dried out. You literally just put a couple of pumps of the liquid peel onto your face and rub in circles, and all of your dead skin comes off and dirt literally comes out of your pores. It’s quite gross but oh-so satisfying. I do this twice a week.

So yeah! I use all of these products every week/every day for some and I love them. I can confidently recommend them all (no spon or #ad in sight, just real recommendations.) Have any of you tried any of these/can you recommend any faves of your own? Comment below!

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