5 Fail-Proof Date Destinations: Tried and Tested

Whether it’s your first date with your significant other, or your fiftieth, it can be hard to think of destinations that you think your date will enjoy. This round up offers five places that are guaranteed to go down an absolute treat, whatever their taste. With everything from day-dates to activity filled days out, use this as your go-to guide next time you extend an invitation.

You know the drill, no #ad or #spon in sight, just real reviews.

  1. The Day Date

    So we went here for my birthday day out. Fulham’s answer to fried chicken and waffles, it was hands down the best food I have ever had at a restaurant. The food is cooked by an authentic Southern American chef and the staff are so so friendly.

    We opted for the bottomless brunch (because you can’t fail with day drinking) and they cooked my scrambled eggs to my exact requirements, which was a nice touch. The area is perfect for browsing some shops after and walking off that 1pm Prosecco buzz. The bottomless brunch is also really good if your S/O doesn’t enjoy Prosecco; they have a vodka iced tea concoction as an alternative to bubbles – it’s strong but it is goooooood.

    See menu

  2. The Cinema Date

    A timeless classic, the cinema date can never fail. If you go out for a quick bite or drinks before, heading to the cinema gives you both a chance to unwind and reflect on how the date is going, without heading home to do so.

    electric cinema
    The Electric Cinema (there’s one in Portobello and one in Shoreditch) is a theatre style cinema. It has super comfy arm chairs and you’re given a blanket so that you can get cosy. In the Portobello branch, there are beds that you can share in the front row, or sofas that you can share in the back row. So if you’re on a date, these are probably the best option if you want that romantic ~vibe~.

    You can also buy bottles of champagne, wine, beer or coffees, as well as food, and take them into the cinema with you! Honestly, it’s a must if you love movies.

  3. The Dinner Date

    I will always choose good food over a romantic atmosphere, because I think that a good atmosphere can be completely destroyed by a bad meal. So I would rather play it safe. When it comes to dinner dates, we always opt for pizza because it is something that my boyfriend and I are positive that we will enjoy.

    I cannot recommend that you head to Homeslice enough. Selling 20″ pizzas with a variety of quirky toppings, it is hands down the greatest pizza in the world. I have forced most of my friends to go there and every single one of them returned. There are three branches: Covent Garden, Old Street and Fitztrovia. For a date, I would recommend the Old Street branch, because you can book a table and it’s close to loads of bars that you can head to after.

    See menu

  4. The Active Date

    This is one for those who love a bit of activity. Go Ape at Leeds Castle has you strapped to tree tops, zip lining and climbing your way through the forest. It’s good for a date because you can help each other out. There’s also a maze at Leeds Castle and loads of beautiful gardens that you can walk around after. Oh…just be sure to check that your date isn’t afraid of heights first.


  5. The Brunch Date

    Finishing on another brunch because brunch is the king of meals. I have been the Electro Brunch at Gaucho’s Tower Bridge a couple of times and it’s literally amazing. Unlike other brunch places, the food is unlimited as well as the drinks. You can get either sparkling wine or beer as your drink of choice, which is really good for the beer lovers in your life.

    electro brunch
    The first time I went here, you could order a few bits of food at a time, because the portions are small (which allows you to try a bit of everything.) When I returned the second time, you could only order one plate at a time, but it came quite promptly so it was fine. The menu offers everything from a mini fry up to pancakes with peanut butter, and the venue hosts a DJ during brunch to create a fun, laid-back atmosphere.

    See menu

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