The Lush haul that you have to copy

With winter coming, it’s time to start investing in little comforts that are going to make the chilly evenings indoors a little more luxurious. Whether it’s a bath bomb for a glam night-time scrub, or a new moisturiser to banish the effects of indoor heating, ‘tis the season to indulge.

Last week, I headed to Lush to pick up a couple of products that I had read amazing reviews about online. The first of these, was Toothy Tabs. Initially, I thought that you could only get the black charcoal ones and so I was unsure; but when I was in there, they had a whole rack of different formulas and colours. I picked up the “Bling” Toothy Tabs because the bottle was gold and I dig that.


The idea of these little tablets, is that you pop it in your mouth, chew it, and then brush your teeth as normal. So ultimately, they aim to replace toothpaste. As a lover of classic minty freshness, I was worried that papaya and orange oil wouldn’t give me that same fresh feeling or taste. My face instinctively crinkled at the taste initially, but I got used to it really quickly and it honestly could have been worse. These tabs also get really foamy which is something that I look for in a toothpaste – brushing your teeth without a little foam action just does not work.

All in all, what really matters, is how clean my teeth felt after. I didn’t know that shiny teeth was something I wanted in life until these little tabs did just that. My mouth felt clean and sparkly and (I know it’s weird) but I felt like I had treated myself.

The Toothy Tabs are a bit pricey to use every day, so I have been using them every other evening for a “deep clean” if you will. Maybe not a product that can indefinitely replace your trusty Colgate, because of the price, but a lovely treat for yourself or the Lush lover in your life.

Overall: 7/10


On this mini-haul of mine, I also bought a couple of bath bombs. We all know and love these so I’m not going to go into that. But, what I am going to chat about, is the Sleepy Body Lotion.

Having recently moved into a new flat, I have been having trouble getting to sleep at times (new environment, new noises and all that jazz.) Lavender has always been quite a comforting scent to me, so when I heard about this lavender infused lotion, I thought I would give it a try.

As well as the sweet smell of lavender calming your senses, tonka absolute is used to relax the muscles, and send you off to sleep in complete relaxation. As if all of this wasn’t enough, this smooth mixture is actually super nourishing and made my skin completely soft, after only a couple of days of use.

Now, I’ve heard that this glorious concoction is only around during the winter months. So I suggest getting yourself a sample, seeing how you like it, then going back and getting one of the big tubs. I will definitely be buying a couple to get me through to next winter. Maybe I’ll only use it sparingly…

Overall: 9/10

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