The beauty brand everyone needs

At this point of life, you’ve probably heard of Huda Beauty. Created by Huda Kattan, you’ll struggle to find any bad reviews of the brand online.

As a self-confessed lipstick fanatic, there isn’t a colour that doesn’t feature in my make-up bag. Everything from bright purples to dark browns and black, I’m always up for trying any colour. However, I’m super super picky with the consistency and staying power of my lippies – if it doesn’t stay on then what’s the point of it?


Having stumbled across Huda’s liquid lipsticks last year, I’ve ended up buying loads and cannot recommend them enough! They stay on for hours, and don’t dry out your lips (a particular pet peeve of mine).

There is such a huge range of colours so there is something to match every skin tone. I can’t fully vouch for the lip strobe glosses because I find that they come off quite easily – much like every other gloss – but I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the liquid lipsticks. I recommend getting a lip contour liner to match whichever colour you buy, just to create a flawless look, but the easy apply wand means you can apply pretty effortlessly without the liner if you choose.

You can get your hands on Huda Beauty products on, or if you’d rather swatch the products on your skin, you can head to Harrods or Selfridges!

PS. They’re cruelty free!

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